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Espinas palace hotel

The lighting of the Rashidieh Gran Miras Hotel, which is considered a magnificent work of architecture, was done with the approach of inviting and creating a warm and intimate atmosphere and maximum display of architectural subtleties with the skillful use of light.


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Façade Lighting Design

Façade Lighting Design


The best facade lighting in Iran and the Middle East | Winner of numerous international awards | RGE Lighting Design

Interior Lighting Design

Interior Lighting Design

A dimly lit environment can make even the most beautiful interior architecture appear soulless. Experience the best with RGE interior Lighting.

Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape Lighting Design

There is a clear difference between what is considered "good landscape lighting" and "quality landscape lighting". Experience the difference with the RGE lighting company.

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RGE Lighting Design Company


RGE was established in 1997 in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Unlike many other companies that are active in both "lighting design" and "distributing and selling Light fixtures and equipment" fields, since its establishment, RGE has only been involved in designing and implementing facades, landscapes, and interior lighting.


All activities in the RGE Lighting Company are based on teamwork. In each department, each team member who is expert and professional in that area is assigned to work so that the output and result of the work are ideal. One of the distinctive features of RGE company is the ability to implement the project exactly as the plan presented, which is the result of the experience, expertise, and high knowledge of the design and engineering department. The satisfaction of the implemented projects and the international awards won are all proof of the success of the project by RGE company in the implementation of the projects.

Quality of the lighting equipment

One of the essential key factors in the success of a lighting project, in addition to the unique design, is the high quality of the lighting equipment used in that project. Because this factor will guarantee a long life and the high quality of the implementation of that project. With more than 17 years of experience, RGE company always uses the best and highest quality Lighting equipment from trusted and well-known manufacturers. These lighting products according to the technical specifications provided by the RGE design unit, are produced specifically for each project (Factory Custom Made) in the manufacturer's factory.


At RGE Lighting Company, we design and implement ideas that bring the interior and exterior of the building to life with light. In fact, we brand a structure with the art of light. Relying on the knowledge and experience of the best engineers and leading designers in the lighting industry and using customized and special equipment, the RGE Group can minimize the time of lighting projects and by managing costs, Ensure the highest quality expected in the lighting designing and implementation. At the head of the RGE Company, there is an idea maker and creative lighting designer, Mr. Hassan Bahadri, who is a pioneer in the field of presenting unique designs and making the lighting of this collection completely different from other Companies. Hasan Bahadari is a graduate of architectural lighting from Hochschule Wismar University in Germany and is fascinated by the effect of light and is an expert in lighting design and has won the top international awards many times.

Awards and honors

The combination of these features made RGE achieve great success، including the following:

  • 1. Fifth Place: The World's Best Space Lighting Design (Low Budget Section) in 2022 by [d]arc-awards.
  • 2. Nominated: The World’s Best Structures Lighting Design in 2022 (Low budget section) by [d]arc-awards.
  • 3. Nominated (3 categories): The World's Best Space Lighting Design، the World's Best Outdoor Lighting Design، and the World's Best Indoor Lighting Design in 2021 by [d]arc-awards.
  • 4. First place: The World's best outdoor lighting design in 2019 by [d]arc-awards.
  • 5. Fourth place: The World's Best Landscape Lighting Design 2018 by [d]arc-awards.
  • 6. Nominated: The World's Best Lighting Design for four consecutive years 2015-2018 by [d]arc-awards.
  • 7. First place: Asia’s Best Lighting Design in 2018 by Asia Excellent Awards.
  • 8. Nominated: The World’s Best Hotel and restaurant Lighting Design in 2017 by LIGHTING DESIGN AWARDS
  • 9. First Place: The Middle East’s Best Lighting Design in 2016 by Light Middle East Awards.
  • 10. Holder of the “Highly Commended” badge and selected Middle East lighting designer in 2008 by MELDA.
  • 11. First place: Iran’s Best Lighting Design in Commercial and Office Buildings (outdoor spaces) Sector in 2018 by the Illumination and Lighting Specialist Association.
  • 12. First place: Iran’s Best Outdoor Lighting Design in 2013 by ILDC.
  • 13. Member of prestigious international associations: IALD (USA) and AALD (Asia).

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RGE is a leader in professional lighting design and lighting consulting in the Middle East region. An elite team of the best and most creative people, together, introduce outstanding and unique projects to the night space. The creation of original and unique ideas with an often complex and deconstructive structure has led to the creation of lasting projects that communicate with the living audience of the surrounding space. They radiate beauty in the best possible way (the language of light) at night. The result of 27 years of continuous efforts have been projects that have brought valuable honors to this company at the international level and in the most prestigious world competitions. Among these honors, it can be mentioned that RGE Lighting Company won first place in the top international lighting competitions. Some of these titles are: 🥇won first place in the world lighting competition in 2019 by d[a]rc awards (lighting Oscar), 🥇won first place in the Asian lighting competition in 2018, and 🥇won first place in the lighting competition Lux Middle East Awards in 2016 and dozens of other great honors.

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