نورپردازی نمای ساختمان مرکزی نیلپر
Façade Lighting


The facade lighting design of the Nilper building is a professional Media Façade lighting project with an indirect light coating and countless independent layers with light control capability.

executor of plan

RGE Lighting Design Company

lighting designer

Hassan bahadori

Project location

Project architect

Dr. Hadi Khayabani

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The façade lighting design of the Nilper Building, The highway's night Illumination.


The Nilper's head office building was designed by Dr. Hadi Khayabani with an area of 2200 square meters. it's located in Shahrak-e Gharb (Tehran) next to the Yadegar-e Emam Expressway. The facade of the building is made of horizontal lines with HPL material, which due to the height of the building, these horizontal lines helps to create a visual balance of the facade and prevent repetition and fatigue.

Soft and uniform lines move with the movement of the topographical lines of the earth and the volume of the building is born within it. In addition to the location of the building and its neighborhood with the Yadegar-e Emam Expressway, the architecture of the building is designed in such a way that it acts like proper sound insulation and prevents the transmission of disturbing sound inside the building.

Lighting Design:

The facade lighting design of the Nilper Building was implemented by the RGE Lighting Company and the Goal was to create an astonishing view for highway drivers at night. Hassan Bahadori, the lighting designer of the Nilper project, says: Lighting transforms the architecture of a structure and makes the perception of visitors different during the day and night. This project has a special architecture that comes to life at night and the eye-catching graphic coverage of the scenarios that have been specially designed for its architecture, display it like a luxurious evening dress. The façade lighting of the Nilper Project is a very attractive Media Façade with an Indirect light covering, which consists of independent light controllable layers (Layers of individually controllable lights). It is necessary to explain that in indirect lighting, the light source is hidden and instead of shining directly on an object, the light is spread through reflection on the ceiling, floor, or wall. The implementation of this style of lighting requires engineering calculations and the light designer's mastery of structural architecture and lighting techniques.


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