نورپردازی نمای چینه نیاوران
Façade Lighting

Cheeneh Niavaran

Cheeneh Niavaran facade lighting design won the world's best structure lighting design in 2019 from "The [d]arc Awards" among the best projects presented from all over the world.

executor of plan

RGE Lighting Design Company

lighting designer

Hassan bahadori

Project location

Project architect

Cheeneh Eivan Pardis

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Façade Lighting Design of Cheeneh Niavaran: When Light Breathes



Cheeneh Niavaran commercial office complex was implemented in 1392 in Tehran's 1 district (Niavaran), with particular material and location and design of Contemporary style facade by "Cheeneh Eivan Pardis". The architecture of the facade consists of two different shells which with this design, there is a possibility of airflow in the outer part of the building, in such a way that it seems this building breathes. The attractive facade of the building is covered with perforated aluminum sheets, placed in 3 different layers over the main skin in an irregular arrangement. It seems this double-glazed facade has been used to reduce energy consumption, but the usage of aluminum for the integrated covering of the facade not only reduces energy consumption but also has a special visual beauty in the urban landscape. This particular design is also suitable for better performance of the interior space and uses natural light to increase productivity during the day.

Lighting Design:

The Façade lighting design of Cheeneh Niavaran, which was implemented by "RGE Lighting Company", is one of the major factors that has left a tremendous impact on the beautification of the ruling space. Hassan Bahadori, the lighting designer of this project, says: "The goal of this facade lighting was to display irregular, complex, and beautiful surfaces at night by creating light contrasts in the most beautiful way possible, that's why dynamic light design has been used". This type of lighting creates unique and beautiful effects that help generate a stunning view. Light contrasts, with the help of three irregular layers of the facade, form very eye-catching bright shadows. The lighting design facade's biggest challenge was directing the light irradiated on the panels so that it does not have any "Trespass".


Awards and Honors:

Hassan Bahadori, The creative lighting designer of the Chineh Niavaran project, Won the world's best façade lighting design from "The [d]arc Awards” in 2019. link: "The winner announcement"


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