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Façade Lighting

Opal Shopping Center

The "Opal Shopping Center" lighting design goal was to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere that can leave an impression on the surrounding environment at night.

executor of plan

RGE Lighting Design Company

lighting designer

Hassan bahadori

Project location

Project architect

Alireza (Omid) Gholampour

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Façade Lighting Design of Opal Center, a wonderful journey at Tehran’s night


Opal shopping Center is one of the largest shopping centers in the northwest of Tehran, it is built on a land area of 7216 square meters and has 14 commercial floors. One of the modern features of this building is the all-metal skeleton (bolts) of this project and its amazing resistance against earthquakes. In the Aesthetic design of Opal shopping Center, the volume corresponds to the theme of the project and the continuity of the elements and volumes is evident in all the appearance of the façade. To attract the audience and persuade them to discover the inside of the center, the lower floors are designed with more closed spaces and fewer showcases are used. This magnificent structure was designed by Alireza (Omid) Gholampour, and is unique.

Lighting design:

The main purpose of the Opal shopping center's Facade lighting design which was implemented by RGE Lighting design company, was to create a warm and cozy atmosphere that could have a pleasant effect on its surroundings at night. Hasan Bahadari, the lighting designer, has used “up-light” and “indirect linear light sources” in the overall facade of the Opal shopping Center so that he can induce the audience the feeling of being invited inside the center with the language of light.

Also, on the two side walls of the facade, Media Facade is used, which displays monochrome graphic scenarios with very gentle movement and harmonizes with the architecture and warm lighting of the shell. The presence of this living shell has a double effect on the appearance of the architectural beauty of this complex at night and represents the crystallization of life and vibrancy in its inner space.


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