نورپردازی نمای ساختمان هتل اسپیناس پالاس
Façade Lighting

Espinas Palace Hotel

The purpose of the Façade Lighting Design of Espinas Palace Hotel was to frame this up-rise building into a landmark in the northernmost part of the city.

executor of plan

RGE Lighting Design Company

lighting designer

Hassan bahadori

Project location


Project architect

Planning and Consolidation Consulting Engineers group

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Façade Lighting Design of Espinas Palace Hotel, The pinnacle glory of hospitality


Espinas Palace Hotel with a breathtaking view is located in the 2nd district of Tehran (Sa'adat Abad) with an area of 24 thousand square meters. This huge structure which was designed by the "Planning and Consolidation Consulting Engineers group", has 20 floors, 400 rooms, and suites, and more than 14 meeting halls with a capacity of 20 to 1500 people which is considered one of Tehran's biggest hotels. The architectural design of this huge building is a fusion of modern and Iranian-Islamic architecture, and the use of vertical elements has greatly contributed to the strength, stability, and visual endurance of the building. The designer of this hotel tried to emphasize the arches of traditional Iranian architecture by using the curved lines of the upper floor, which had a greater effect on the beauty.

Lighting Design:

The strategic location of Espinas Palace Hotel, which is located in one of the northernmost parts of Tehran, willy-nilly or not, turns this high-rise building into a city landmark. therefore, RGE Lighting company has tried to frame this high-rise building with exclusive facade lighting design in the northernmost part of the city with a stunning view. The use of dynamic lighting techniques with gentle movement and monochrome and its appropriate combination with classical technique has created a beautiful and eye-catching statement that has influenced the surrounding space. The selection and installation of all light sources are in such a way that according to the use of the building, it prevents the creation of the lowest light trespass. In the lighting of the lower part of the hotel, according to the axial symmetry in its architecture, an attempt was made to preserve this symmetry magnificently. In the crown part of the project, according to each architectural element and calculating the ideal light composition, it has been tried to reveal the architectural details of the crown in the best possible way at night.


Awards and Honors:

Hassan Bahadori, the innovative lighting designer of this project, was nominated for the best lighting in the Middle East in the Exterior Retail Project of The Year section by the Light Middle East Awards in 2016.


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